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Technology Solutions

Depending on the specific requirements of each project, we can implement together innovative solutions with leading technology providers in a number of fields, to ensure customers enjoy the benefits of most efficient, tailor-made solutions. APRES – E&C partners with leading OEM suppliers to promote and sell new and novel technologies that will bring real value to our clients and the markets we serve.

Pumps Solutions

HEVVY/TOYO PUMPS (Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps)

  • Quick facts (DC, DEM, DBH)
  • Submersible: HNS, HS, HT, DL, DXL Download Brochure
  • Horizontal: DBH, HNH, DEH Download Brochure
  • Heavy Duty Vertical Cantilever: DEC, DC, DBC, HNC Download Brochure

BALZ PUMPS (Light Duty Slurry Pumps)

  • Vertical spindle: VS100, VVS100, VVS80, & VS150 Download Brochure
  • Vertical Cantilever: VS500 & VS600 Download Brochure
Parts and Service Our team is happy to help you efficiently with all enquiries as they relate to repair, replacement/spare parts and rental services offered by Balz & Hevvy/Toyo Pumps to solve your sites short and long term needs. For more information on the pumps we have available, please email our team at the Contact us!
Drives & Motors, Pipes, Hoses & fittings, Valves


We also supply high standard quality products at competitive prices:

  • Drives and Motors
  • Pipes, Hoses and fittings (gaskets, etc.)
  • Valves
  • Transmissions (Belts, Couplings, etc.)
  • Electric panels